14. Project design review

Review Topics

General Information


  • Make sure you follow along with this page linked in Canvas
  • Please keep your microphone off unless you are asking a question
  • Please turn on camera if you can (optional)
  • Use chat if you would like to comment or ask questions


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14.1: Project Design and Prototype Review

  • The instructor will review your project proposal to provide recommendations for your final project.
  • You will need a computer for this meeting so you can screen share
  • Due to the number of students, review time will be short (~3 minutes)

Breakout Room Instructions

  • We will use a breakout room for the reviews--requires cooperation
  • Each student will enter the room when invited by pressing the button

    breakout room button

  • When finished with the review, exit the room
  • If you would like to be among the first called, put your name in Chat when prompted
  • Names submitted will be selected randomly
  • When finished will need to let the next student(s) know it is their turn

During the Review

  • The instructor will review with each student their project proposal and prototype for 3-4 minutes
  • The instructor will follow the grading rubric shown in Canvas

14.1.1: Before the Review

  • Submit the following to Canvas before the review:
    1. Project design documentation
    2. Source code file(s) for your prototype (i.e. .cpp files)
    3. Any other files needed to make your prototype code function
  • Remember that there are no late submittals accepted after the review time
  • If you have problems completing your proposal or prototype, then turn in what you have and present
  • Without presenting you get a much lower score

Prototype Setup

  • Verify your prototype code compiles
  • Prepare your computer to share it's screen
  • If you get stuck or do not know what to do, ask for help

14.1.2: Reviewing Your Project Proposal and Prototype

Be prepared to:

  1. Describe the purpose of your project
  2. Describe parts of the design when asked, like:
    • class
    • file system
    • logic and flow
    • user interface
  3. Share your screen and compile your source code
  4. Demonstrate what is working in your program so far

After the Review

  • You are free to leave after your review

Wrap Up

Due Next:
Wk 14 CAs XC (11/28/21)
Wk 14 Lab: Sampler Project (12/2/21)
Wk 15 Exercises (12/2/21)
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