Lab 10: Boss Questions

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  • Prepare for the midterm.
  • Help other students study for the midterm.

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Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Quest and Lab Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular lab:

  • You must write the answers and questions yourself and not copy from another person or source.
  • You may discuss the test questions with other members of your guild for this lab.
  • You may get ideas for test questions from other members of your guild, but must write the actual question in your own words.
  • For any ideas you use from another student or person, you must give them credit by stating their name in parenthesis like: (idea for this question was from Emma Programmer).

In addition, review the Assessment Integrity part of the syllabus to ensure you understand what is expected of you during an exam.

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Preparing Exam Questions

This lab is to help you prepare self-study questions in a Jeopardy style for midterm exam 2.


  1. For your assigned topic from class, look through the lecture notes and textbook to gain an in-depth understanding of the material.
  2. Prepare a list of five (5) five Jeopardy-style multiple-choice exam questions on your assigned topic.

    Jeopardy-style questions/answers have a twist. You provide the answer and the player states the question. For example, an answer is, "In the Java Programming language, this variable type only has a value of either true or false." The player would pose the question as, "What is boolean?"

  3. For each Jeopardy-style question (posed as an answer), supply a set of four plausible answers (posed as questions) in a multiple choice arrangement.

    For example, for the answer (which is really the question), "In the Java Programming language, this variable type only has a value of either true or false." you could provide a list of questions like:

    1. What is an int?
    2. What is a boolean?
    3. What is a String?
    4. What is a Boole?

    Each of the four questions for each answer should be plausible to a person who may not understand the topic. To view the reasoning behind the plausibility of the questions above, hover your mouse over the item.

  4. Rank your five answers with questions and assign a point value of 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 to each answer/question set, with 100 being the easiest and 500 the hardest. Organize the answer/question sets from easiest (100) to hardest (500).
  5. Indicate the correct questions for each answer at the end of the list of answer/questions, like:

    1: a, 2: b, 3: c, 4: d, 5: c

  6. After developing your questions, have another guild member try the questions and provide feedback. Correct any issues discovered with this quality check.
  7. Post the questions in the Discussions area of Canvas titled "Midterm 2 Boss Questions".

    Please post in the text box provided. Do NOT upload the questions as an attachment. However, you may upload attachments for images or other supporting files.

  8. In your posting, include the name of the student who tested your questions.

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Grading Criteria

The instructor will evaluate your lab using the following criteria. Thus you should check your lab against these criteria to maximize your score.

Lab Test Questions

  • 1 point for each Jeopardy-style answer developed. (5 possible)
  • 1 point for each answer with plausible incorrect questions that are free from clues about correct responses. (5 possible).
  • 1 point for reviewing with another student.
  • 1 point for providing a listing of correct questions .
  • -1 per answer that is not in the Jeopardy style. (-5 possible)
  • -1 per question that is not multiple choice with 4+ possible choices. (-5 possible)
  • -1 per question with irrelevant or unclear material. (-5 possible)
  • -1 per question with spelling or grammar errors. (-5 possible)

Total possible XP: 12

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How to Submit

Submit means that you are presenting your work for consideration and grading.

Post the questions in the Discussions area of Canvas titled "Lab B: Midterm 2 Study Questions".

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