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This page contains a list of links to resources related to this course.

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Coding Conventions

Image Resources

To create your own scenario, you may want to use images other than those supplied by Greenfoot. When using resources off of the Internet, be careful to check licensing. Only use royalty free images in your coursework. The following image resources may be helpful.

  • Clker: online royalty free public domain clip art
  • Charas: online RPG character generator
  • GRIN: over a thousand NASA images that are free to use.
  • Open Clip Art images that can be can be freely used in any project for free.
  • Open Game Art game art that can be can be freely used in any open source game.
  • Open Icon Library: free and open Icon collection
  • Reiner's tilesets: free game graphics
  • SpriteLib by Ari Feldman has many tilesets and characters free for any scenario.

Drawing Your Own Images


  • FOLDOC: A good starting place for looking up computing terms.
  • Webopedia: Another good place for looking up technical terms.
  • Wikipedia: A good place for technical articles.

Java Media


  • Thread Cancellation: How to cancel activities in other threads, regardless of what they are doing.
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