Q10: Leet Arcane Studies

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  • Prepare for the midterm.
  • Help other students study for the midterm.

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Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Assignment Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular lab:

  • You must write the answers and questions yourself and not copy from another person or source.
  • You may discuss the test questions with other students for this lab.
  • You may get ideas for test questions from other students, but must write the actual question in your own words.
  • For any ideas you use from another student or person, you must give them credit by stating their name in parenthesis like: (idea for this question was from Emma Programmer).

In addition, read the Assessment Integrity part of the syllabus to ensure you understand what is expected of you during an exam.

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Project Specifications

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Boss L33t Plan

Turn in this midterm plan before the boss event.

  1. Open the survey in this link
  2. Download the document by following the menu File > Download as > Plain Text (.txt), and save the file as examplan.txt
  3. Fill out the survey completely without deleting any of the existing text.
  4. Submit the examplan.txt file with the rest of the assignment as described in Deliverables.

Part 2: Arcane Review Worksheet

Complete the worksheet here. Turn in your handwritten answers on paper before the test.

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Grading Criteria

The instructor will evaluate your lab using the following criteria. Thus you should check your assignment against these criteria to maximize your score.

Boss L33t Plan (4)

  • 4: Student completed and submitted the survey with masterful effort
  • 3: Student completed and submitted the survey with substantial effort
  • 2: Student completed and submitted the survey with minimal effort
  • 1: Student submitted the survey
  • 0: No survey submitted

Arcane Review Worksheet (5)

  • 1 point for each Review Topic completed correctly and completely. (4 possible)
  • 1: point for reviewing with another student.
  • -1: point for workwheet not clearly labeled with question and answer numbers.
  • 0 points if answers are typed and not handwritten.

Scenario Files (3)

  • 1 point for each worksheet scenario completed correctly and completely. (3 possible)

Total possible points: 12

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Follow these instructions carefully and exactly to turn in your quest (assignment) to Canvas and maximize your XP and perform your best on the exam.

  1. Turn in your Review Worksheet paper to the instructor on the day of the exam but before the midterm exam starts.
  2. Submit your examplan.txt file to Canvas to the Q10: Leet Arcane Studies assignment slot of Canvas.
  3. Submit the following to the Q10: Leet Arcane Studies slot of Canvas by the due date and time posted in Canvas.
    1. Your examplan.txt file
    2. Loops and Counting from the Midterm 2 Review Supplement
    3. array_colors from the Midterm 2 Review Supplement
    4. shaper from the Midterm 2 Review Supplement

Please do not put any spaces or special characters like #, : or $ in zip file or folder names. Your assignment must work as submitted. Remember to test and double check your files before submitting them. If you make a mistake, you can resubmit up to the deadline but must resubmit all your assignment files.

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