Q1: Getting Started

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  • Create an Avatar on the Greenfoot site.
  • Help the instructor get to know you and understand your needs.
  • Get you set up to succeed in the course.

Note: if you do not complete this quest on time, you might be dropped from the course. However, do not rely on the instructor to drop you because he may not. You are entirely accountable for failing to drop any course.

Academic Honesty

Read the Scholastic Honesty Policy and Quest and Lab Integrity policies of the syllabus. Here are some clarifications for this particular quest:

  • This is a solo quest that you must complete individually.
  • Do not communicate with anyone nor look at any information (like Google) during the quiz.


Complete the following quest specifications so we can get acquainted.

  1. Project 1: Create an Avatar: Create your avatar name by signing up at Greenfoot.org. This name will be used when posting your games online, among other things.

    After signing up, post at least one comment on the Greenfoot site for the Bugs scenario (like "Hola"). Your post will allow me to see your avatar.

  2. Project 2: Supply Student Information: Complete the following Student Information form. Make sure to complete step 1 first!

  3. Project 3: Upload a Picture: Upload a clear, recent and easily recognizable close up photo of your face to Canvas along with the rest of your assignment files. Image files only and not PDFs please. The file must be viewable by dragging it into a browser. Cropping and changing image sizes is easy to do on your computer or online.

    Note that I am NOT asking you to post your image as an avatar or in your profile. Instead, I am asking that the image file be uploaded to an area of Canvas that only you (and I) can see, which is the assignment turn-in (submittal) area. The purpose of the image is simply to help me learn your name.

    Please limit the file size of images to one megabyte or less. Please include only yourself in the image. This photo needs to be of your face only -- not your face and shoulders -- for me to be able to see it easily. If I cannot easily identify your face from the image, you will not get full credit. See the following examples of full and partial credit.

    Photos versus Credit
    face only face and shoulders Two younger people
    Full Credit
    Face only
    Partial Credit
    No shoulders or body please
    Partial Credit
    Not solo or recent, has shoulders

  4. Project 4: Learning and Intelligence
    1. Read the Salman Kahn article "Why I Will Never Tell My Son He is Smart" and optionally watch the video.
    2. Save this Worksheet following the menu File > Download as > Plain Text (.txt), and save the file as learning.txt.
    3. Fill out and answer the questions in learning.txt without deleting any of the existing text.
    4. Submit the learning.txt file with the rest of the assignment as described in Deliverables.
  5. Project 5: Review the Concepts: Complete the Quest 1 Quiz in Canvas to verify your understanding. Make sure to review lesson 1 and lab 1 before taking the quiz!

    The purpose of this quiz is to help you decide if you have a good understanding of the concepts from lesson 1 and this assignment. Since this is the first quiz, you may take it multiple times.


Extra Credit

The purpose of this extra credit project is to continue giving you an intuitive grasp of important programming concepts beyond the lab.

  1. Start the hour of code here and select Minecraft Designer.

    Play the videos if you need help. If you get stuck, please let the instructor know so he can help.

  2. When finished with all the steps, click the "I've finished my Hour of Code" link.

    Hour of Code Link

  3. Add your full name (first and last) to personalize the certificate and then press the Submit button.

    Hour of Code Certificate

  4. Click on the certificate and it will take you to a new webpage with a larger picture of your certificate. Here is a link to an example certificate:


  5. Highlight the web address (URL) for your certificate in the browser bar and copy it (Ctrl + c).

    Hour of Code certificate address

  6. Create a plain text file named extra.txt and paste (Ctrl + v) the entire URL into the extra.txt file.

Grading Criteria

The instructor will evaluate your quest using the following criteria. Each criteria represents a specific achievement of your quest and has a scoring guide. The scoring guide explains the possible scores you can receive.

Some scoring guides have a list of indicators. These indicators are a sign of meeting, or a symptom of not meeting, the specific criterion. Note that a single indicator may not always be reliable or appropriate in a given context. However, as a group, they show the condition of meeting the criterion.

For information on grading policies, including the interpretation of XP, see the syllabus page.

Avatar Name

  • 2: Avatar name registered at Greenfoot.org
  • 0: Avatar name not registered

Student Information Form

  • 4: Student information form was submitted
  • 0: No Student information form submitted

Recognizable Image

  • 2: Instructor able to easily identify student from supplied image.
  • 1: Instructor not able to easily identify student from supplied image.
  • 0: Specified image was not turned in

Learning and Intelligence Worksheet

  • 4: Student completed and submitted the learning worksheet with masterful writing
  • 3: Student completed and submitted the learning worksheet with modest effort; has minor writing errors.
  • 2: Student completed and submitted the learning worksheet with minimal effort; has many writing errors
  • 1: Student submitted the learning worksheet
  • 0: No learning worksheet submitted

Quest 1 Quiz

  • 2: Quiz completed and all answer are correct.
  • 1: Quiz completed but not all answers are correct.
  • 0: Quiz not completed.

Total possible XP: 14 plus extra credit


Students submit some homework as they work on it like the Google form and Quest 1 Quiz. However, students must submit other work to Canvas as described below.

  1. Upload the following files to quest Q1: Getting Started in Canvas:
    1. Easily recognizable head shot photo from quest 1.3 above
    2. Your learning.txt file from quest 1.4 above.
    3. Optionally, your extra.txt extra credit with the Hour of Code Certificate URL.
  2. In addition, verify you:
    1. Completed the B1: Boss 1 Challenge (quiz) in Canvas.
    2. Created an Avatar name at the Greenfoot site.
    3. Submitted the Student Information form from quest 1.2 above.

You must submit all the files needed to complete your quest. If you make a mistake, you can resubmit up to the deadline. If you resubmit, include all your quest files as Canvas hides prior submission files. For information on resubmitting see How do I change an assignment in Canvas?

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