How-To's and Tutorials

This page presents a list of links to comprehensive instructions on how to accomplish some of the tasks needed for this course.

CodeLab Information: instructions on purchasing CodeLab, which is required for all students.

How To Document and Organize Your Java Code: instructions on documenting your code.

How To Get Your CTC Login and Password: instructions on getting your CTC login and password.

How to Install Greenfoot for CS-12GP: links to instructions for installing and troubleshooting Greenfoot.

Improving Your Game

Greenfoot API: a description of all the available classes and methods.

Greenfoot Documentation: Learn how to use Greenfoot and improve your programming through tutorials, videos and more.

How to access one object from another: how to keep score and communicate between objects.

What Goes Up Must Come Down: basics of jumping and falling in a platformer game.

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