11: Course Project and Boss Practice

What We Will Cover


Questions from last class or the Reading?

Boss L33t Event Questions?

11.1: Course Project

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Describe the phases of the course project
  • Describe the expected end result of the project

11.1.1: Project Overview

  • The purpose of the project is to make a high-quality game or interactive simulation
  • The project scenario is a guild project, so you will work with other people
  • By combining skills, you can make a higher quality scenario
  • When finished, you will have a good addition to your programming portfolio

Everyone Writes Code

  • Developing a game or simulation is a powerful way to develop a deeper understanding of programming
  • Every guild member is required to write lots of code for the project
  • You will have a chance to show what you know and to improve your skills by interacting with others in your guild
  • You will have access to other guild members code as the project develops
  • By reviewing other members code, you can see how they created effects and features
  • You can help each other as well when you get stuck or need ideas
  • By using your programming skills in a creative way, the project helps you prepare for the final boss event

11.1.2: Project Phases

  • The project has four phases as shown below
  • A phase is a distinct period or stage in a process of developing your final scenario
  • At the end of each phase, each guild member submits a deliverable defined by quest or lab specifications

Project Proposal

  • During this phase the guild organizes itself and decides who does what
  • Typically, there is a project kick-off meeting to get started
  • The guild develops the scenario theme and core concept
  • The core concept of a game is the rules of play and core mechanics
  • Core mechanics are the actions that a player repeats most often while striving to reach the overall goal
  • The core mechanics should make game play easier for the player, and thus make the scenario enjoyable
  • After deciding on the scenario, the guild assigns one or more subsystems to each guild member
  • Each subsystem is a self-contained system within the larger project
  • It is important to organize the subsystems so that if one member does not perform the project still succeeds
  • Every guild member then proposes a number of classes and other resources to meet the subsystem goal
  • After planning, the guild compiles and delivers a final Project Proposal document and uploads it to Canvas

Initial Prototype

  • The initial prototype puts all the pieces of the scenario together
  • Susbsystem classes are created with initial images
  • Some classes at this time are placeholders, often with little or no functionality
  • Empty methods may be defined as needed so other guild members can interact with your subsystems
  • The guild assembles all the pieces and distributes the scenario for all members to continue developing
  • The deliverables are the initial prototype scenario distributed to the guild and uploaded to Canvas

User-Testable Prototype

  • During this phase the guild prepares a complete and playable scenario
  • Some final touches, graphics, sounds and effects may be missing but the scenario is playable and ready for feedback
  • At the end of the phase we will conduct user testing during class
  • Members of other guilds will test the scenario and offer constructive suggestions for improvement
  • The deliverables are the scenario uploaded to Canvas and user testing during class

Final Project

  • During this phase the guild uses the feedback from the user testing to polish the scenario
  • In addition, the guild finalizes the graphics, sounds and documentation
  • Also, each guild member makes certain they have met the coding requirements to maximize XP
  • After completing the scenario, the guild uploads it to the Greenfoot Gallery with the tag cabrillo-guild
  • The guild prepares a final project report and every member submits both the report and project to Canvas
  • After preparing the report, the guild presents their final project to the class
  • The deliverables are the final scenario uploaded to Canvas and Greenfoot, as well as the in-class presentation

11.2: Reviewing for the Exam

Learner Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Review possible exam questions

11.2.1: Reviewing the Topics

  • Remember that we each chose a test topics in 10.4.2: L33t Exam Topics
  • Your lab, due today, was to develop at least 5 possible questions from your selected topic
  • We will break into guilds and choose one topic and with its set of 5 questions from amoung your guild
  • Write the topic and its set of questions on the board (15m)

Example Question Written on Board (Should be 5 of them)

Topic: Abstraction

1. When writing code that extracts the relevant details of a problem, and discards irrelevant details, we are using a process known as ________.

  1. conjecture
  2. conceptualization
  3. reflection
  4. abstraction

Question Review

  • Rotate around the room by guild
  • Each guild picks a catagory and question
    • Do not pick a category that a member of your group wrote
  • As a group, answer the question
  • Review your answer with the class
Information + Practice are like Yin and Yang

Information + Practice

11.2.2: Practicing for the Exam

  • One of the purposes of an exam is to give us a chance to review the material we have covered
  • Practicing for an exam is important to doing our best
  • We do not want to wait until the night before to prepare
  • To help us practice we will review some problems during class
  • Treat the practice like homework -- because it is!
  • Anything not completed in class must be completed at home and turned in before the test

Midterm 2 Review Supplements

  • First we will review the topics
  • After the review, we will have a competition

Competition: First Guild to Complete Click to show answer

11.2.3: Summary of Test Preparation Materials

  • Exam Topics
  • Student questions posted in Canvas
  • Quests and CodeLab
  • Review Supplements
  • Midterm 2 Practice Problems
  • These questions, along with the questions posted in the discussion group, are to help you study for the midterm
  • The questions are NOT intended to tell you everything that is on the exam
  • In addition, I have added a Greenfoot Jeopardy question set named "L33t"
  • Make certain to try the Practice Midterm 2 in Canvas

Wrap Up

Due Next:
Q10: Leet Arcane Studies (11/7/19)
Lab 11: Images and Sounds (11/12/19)
Q11: Project Proposal (11/14/19)
  • When class is over, please shut down your computer
  • You may complete unfinished lesson exercises at any time before the due date.
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