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Presents an introduction to computer programming concepts and methodologies by developing games and simulations in the Java programming language. Topics include: algorithms, data types, declarations, expressions, selection, repetition, methods, recursion, libraries, arrays, classes, objects, 2D graphics, animation, sound, files and streams. Prepares students for CS 19 or CS 20J

For more information, see the Syllabus Page.

Web-Site Contents

Home: This page, which lists the Web-site contents.

Canvas: Access to the following:

  • Announcements: Check for the latest changes in the course.
  • Assessments: Tests and quizzes administered using Canvas.
  • Discussions: An online meeting place to exchange ideas with other students.
  • My Grades: Each assignment and assessment has scores available in Canvas. The Canvas login is the same as your WebAdvisor login. For information on grading policies see the syllabus.
  • Solutions: Examples of solutions to assignments.

Schedule: Class topics by date along with a list of assignments and their due dates.

Syllabus: More detailed information about the course of study including a course description, course objectives, textbook information and the course policies.

Room Policies : The "rules" for the classroom.

Help: Suggestions on what to do if you get stuck during the course.

Tutoring resources: Drop in tutoring hours and suggestions on how to work with tutors.

FAQs: Answers to frequently asked questions. See if your question is here!

How To's: Instructions on how to accomplish important tasks for this course.

Links: A list of informational links related to the course.

Español: Course web pages in spanish.

Chinese: Course web pages in chinese.

Japanese: Course web pages in japanese.

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